Cowboy boot making. Patterns, part 4. Finalizing the patterns. This is part 4 of the “Cowboy Boot Pattern Making” series of videos.

Cowboy boot making. Patterns, part 3. Drawing the boot. This is part 3 of the “Cowboy Boot Pattern Making” series of videos.

Cowboy boot making. Patterns, part 2. Marking points S, CP, J, I and X on the mean forme. This is part 2 of the “Cowboy Boot Pattern Making” series of videos.

Cowboy boot making. Patterns, part 1. Taping the last and cutting the Mean Forme. This is part 1 of the “Cowboy Boot Pattern Making” series of videos.

Part 3 of 4 – how to make a Shamanic Drum (Buben). The video is in Russian. Click on the [CC] button to switch on English or Russian Closed Captions. We continue the story of how to make a shamanic drum. In the previous part I explained how to make a wooden frame. Now we
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I compressed 4 hours of the recorded video into 20 minutes. If you watch it to the end in one shot, you may feel like getting off a roller-coaster 🙂 I know it is running too fast for a step-by-step education, but you can get the idea. Ask your questions below and I will answer
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Choosing the boot lasts and modifying them to the measured sizes. Western songs used in this video: Grandpa Jones – Cannonball Blues Grandpa Jones – Banjo Sam Hall Brothers – The Wrong Road Grandpa Jones – A Dollar Short

This magic box will look like a leather cube without any visible lock, cover or any opening or moving elements. Only those who know the code and the way to use it would be able to unlock and open the box. A steel frame will be covered by the carved leather outside and soft deerskin
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This video is showing the usage of a swivel knife for carving of a dragon’s image on the vegetable tanned leather.

Leather carving and tooling starts with an image transfer. This is a pretty boring task, so I accelerated it to run faster (on the video). There are only few points that you need to follow to get it done properly: 1) choose an image with a lot of details – scars, irregularities, wrinkles – more
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This video shows how to create a Mexican basket applique (it also called the Round braid). Annotations explain the workflow and details. Due to Youtube’s limitations, annotations are invisible on mobile devices, but you can read them below. – There are 2 parallel lines marked with a wing divider. – The inner circle holes are
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This video shows the process of stamping and tooling an image of a dragon on a piece of the vegetable tanned leather. Stamps – B203 and F896 were used to bevel and then flatten the background to make the design stand out. Most of the work was done with 8039-01 stylus and another one made
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