Leather stamps, paint brushes, pricking irons, edge bevellers, swivel knives – they all have to be kept in order. A leather worker should be able to make a new tool if needed and sharpen or restore an old one.

This video is in Russian. I’m currently working on English subtitles, will upload them soon.

Sorry guys, no English here… I made a very short video of a skiving machine to show it to the Russian leather craft group.

I like the nice tools. When possible, I improve them to make more comfortable and just awesome.

These CSCL stamps were made in 1957 and as per CSCL Constitution and By-laws, they can be used by Associate and Fellow members. I recently received one of them. (1) Associate. Subsequent qualification of a General Member as an Associate shall be based upon requirements as determined by the Council of Fellows, Article VI, Sec.1,
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I wrote this application to calculate the length of the thread needed to hand-stitch your project using the Saddle Stitch. After you enter the parameters of the seam (thickness of the leather, stitch length and the length of the seam) and press the “Calculate” button, the program will show the length of the thread needed.
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