Women clutch/bag. Separately molded thick lining and stiff outside leather, used milled leather to make a soft strap, polished solid brass hardware to make it shine, used shellac to create glass-like hard and smooth edge, built multiple layers of leather to make the solution for the strap holders, used brass belt holders to solder special
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This is a very rustic looking bag. No threads or metal hardware is used. It is made exclusively of a thick mix tanned leather and a rawhide. The bottom is a piece of rawhide. 3 different width of the rawhide lace used – to connect the bottom, for the side seam (laced) and for the
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A custom made buben (the shamanic drum) was made on a custom wooden frame. I dehaired the deer skin and made the rawhide. Then finished the buben and made a bag for its protection and transportation.

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