Leathercraft – four thong Mexican basket round weave – circular applique

This video shows how to create a Mexican basket applique (it also called the Round braid). Annotations explain the workflow and details. Due to Youtube’s limitations, annotations are invisible on mobile devices, but you can read them below.

– There are 2 parallel lines marked with a wing divider.
– The inner circle holes are punched with a 3 prong lacing chisel 3/32″ (0.2cm)
– The space between the holes at the 2nd line is larger and we can’t use the same 3-prong chisel.
– A single prong chisel is used to keep the inner and outer circle holes in sync.
– 2-prong lacing needle. It is flat and goes easily through flat holes and between the lace.
– A leather conditioner is applied to the lace to make it softer and more flexible.
– 1st lace starts at the back, goes to the front side and then returns back through the 3rd hole.
– From the back it returns through the parallel hole on the 2nd line.
– The 1st lace pattern looks like 45 degree lines on the front side and parallel lines at the back.
– The 2nd lace starts at the empty hole and goes over the 1st lace to make an ‘X’ at the front side.
– At the back, the 2nd lace looks like parallel lines at the previously empty spots.
– 3rd lace starts at the already taken spot and goes over the 2nd lace.
– The lace goes through already taken holes, so we need a tool to help.
– The last, 4th lace starts at the hole taken by only 1 other lace and then moves over-under-over
– A small stylus or a special tool can help moving the needle through the braid.
– Its very important to pull the lace not too tight and not too loose.

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